Short courses

Intro­duc­tion to clock mak­ing
West Dean Col­lege
6–10 April 2015

Closeup of a brass escapement with a toothed wheel and pallet, turned by a thread with a weight on the end.
A sim­ple escape­ment with wheel and pal­let turned by a thread with a weight on the end. The pen­du­lum is on the oth­er side. The escape­ment is the core of the clock. The “tick tock” is pro­duced by the pal­let rock­ing back and forth over the toothed wheel.

Man­u­script gild­ing
North Ben­net Street School
28–30 April 2012

Image of two monograms, one with a raised and gilt diamond background with the initials in red, and the other outlined in red with the body of the letters filled with gilt gesso. A smaller piece of paper with a printed letter R is at the bottom, with the body of the letter also filled with gilt gesso.

Fun­da­men­tals of Jew­el­ry Mak­ing
North Ben­net Street School
13 Jan­u­ary to 9 March 2012

Components of a ring, with the band, a cabochon, and bezel
Com­po­nents of a ring, the band, a cabo­chon, and a bezel to secure the stone to the band
A sheet of copper with the silhouette of a leaf shape cut out in a rectangular border
Cop­per prac­tice piece for cut­ting and filing

Cloth-case bind­ing
North Ben­net Street School
27 June to 1 July 2011

A half grey cloth case binding with paper sides with a subtle paste paper pattern

Hand Let­ter­ing: Five Styles
North Ben­net Street School
5 Feb­ru­ary to 2 April 2011

A Latin bible passage from 2 Kings in Uncial script with an illustration of a boy riding a bear at the bottom right
Exam­ple of Uncial script (Elisha and the Two Bears, 2 Kings 2:23–25)

Limp Vel­lum
North Ben­net Street School
23–25 Feb­ru­ary 2011

A limp vellum binding with alum-tawed thongs laced into the case and a horn toggle closure at the foredge. The extended cloth spine lining is visible through the parchment.

Intro to Non-Adhe­sive Book­bind­ing
North Ben­net Street School
31 Jan­u­ary to 4 Feb­ru­ary 2011

A woven medieval longstitch binding with wooden spine stiffener, with black paper cover and a foredge flap with a tab and slot closure
Image of a butterfly stitch binding with folded paper covers, a Coptic binding with wooden boards and red and green thread in the center, and another Coptic binding with uncovered millboard and blue and brown thread on the right.